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 Why are there Filipinos in the Middle East?Where are the Filipinos in the Middle East?Who are the Filipinos in the Middle East?How to reach a Filipino in the Middle East?What is new with Filipinos in the Middle East?

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Filipinos are no doubt sentimental. In fact, too sentimental that we always keep souvenirs of the places we have been to. The Filipinos in the Middle East are no different. Even in areas where picture-taking is prohibited, Filipinos will find a way to snap a picture or two. Lulusot at lulusot yan dahil kailangang may ebidensiya. Iba talaga ang Pinoy!

So, if you have a picture you would like to share to the rest of the world, then, do not think twice. Attach your pictures in your email or use the form below. Do not forget to include the story behind your every picture for that will make them more interesting.

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Lagi kayong susulat sa mga mahal ninyong nasa Middle East ha?

Para sa mga Pilipinong nagtratrabaho sa Gitnang Silangan, wala na sigurong sasarap pa kaysa makatanggap ng sulat o tawag mula sa Pilipinas. Ito ang pinakamalaking responsibilidad ng mga nasa Pilipinas upang gawing madali para sa kanilang mga mahal na nasa Middle East ang makapag-adjust. Kung hindi nila ito naiintindihan, huwag na silang magtaka kung bakit maraming Pilipino ang hindi nagtatagumpay sa Middle East.