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 Why are there Filipinos in the Middle East?Where are the Filipinos in the Middle East?Who are the Filipinos in the Middle East?How to reach a Filipino in the Middle East?What is new with Filipinos in the Middle East?

Nothing but memories

This used to be a busy street. This is the street that leads one to both the western and eastern palaces. It is a crossroad. Up until today, the street is, literally and figuratively, still a crossroads. It symbolizes the spirit of survival of the Saudi people and their effort to preserve their culture amidst the onslaught of modernity.

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Dahil walang gaanong mapupuntahang gimikan ang mga Pilipino sa Saudi, mas may panahon sila upang makipagkaibigan. Ito marahil ang dahilan kung bakit marami tayong naririnig na kuwento tungkol sa tunay at matibay na pagkakaibigan sa pagitan ng ating mga kababayang nagmi-Middle East.