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 Why are there Filipinos in the Middle East?Where are the Filipinos in the Middle East?Who are the Filipinos in the Middle East?How to reach a Filipino in the Middle East?What is new with Filipinos in the Middle East?

Filipino talents behind Faisaliah

Ibie, Joel and Elmer

0001007Ang tatlong ito ay ilan lamang sa talented pool of Filipino talents ng John Shenton Architects na naka-base sa Riyadh. And their principal architects swears to the skills and qualifications of the Filipino worker. Way to go, fellow Filipinos. Show the world your worth!

Filipinos at Computer Horizons: Nomel, Teddy, Larry and Chito

View the rest of our photo album. You can have your own album too, submit your pictures to us and PME will do the rest for you. If you wish, you can include stories behind your every picture.

Joel, CADD Operator, etc.

0001008Joel is actually a CADD Operator at John Shenton Architects but he also doubles as the company's computer man and takes cares of all their computing needs. In fact, Joel says computer-related work has almost taken most of his times as if it is his actual work. He has also asked to tell his "mon Amor" he loves her very much.

Elmer, Landscape Architect

0001009Elmer seemed to be the silent type but guess again. He is your typical Filipino debonaire who would rather go to jail than miss the opportunity to appreciate a beauty before his eyes. If this sounds confusing, you have to ask Elmer about it. Seriously, Elmer is a very good landscape artist.

Ka Mar

Pinakatahimik si Ka Mar sa kanilang grupo pero kapag nagsalita naman ito tiyak na makikinig ka. Dala niya sa Saudi ang malawak niyang karanasan sa buhay. Meet Ka Mar and meet real Filipinos at MEPinoy.