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IC sa Malaz Zoo

Quick shot at the central fountain

9912036IC is a group of Filipinos in Saudi who have remained steadfast on their spiritualities despite the pressure of their host country's cultural influences. They have gone to the Malaz Zoo to keep their fellowship as Filipino brothers. Indeed, firmness in one's principles is a deterence to succumbing to more worldly cheats.

Filipinos at Computer Horizons: Nomel, Teddy, Larry and Chito

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Immediately after the entrance gate

9912037The facade of the Malaz Zoo is in itself a feast to the eyes. The sturdy columns represents man's resilience and we feel it should also serve as a reminder to us that even in a hostile environment like that of Saudi's, God will never abandon His children.

One of God's unique fowl

9912038We saw the unique animals of the Arab world at Malaz Zoo and our belief in the might our Lord is reinforced. For how can you measure God's wisdom with such an enormous wealth of life. Our trip to the zoo is actaully a brotherhood for us to rediscover that even in a Muslim state like Saudi Arabia, God's presence is overwhelming.


Sa Saudi, nagkaroon ng chance si Maning na i-develop ang kanyang artistic skills. And friends swear to his great talents in charcoal and pencil. He can create mood pictures from his imagination, most of which are sober human illustrations. Meet Maning and meet real Filipinos at MEPinoy.