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Tour the Middle East
And Look Around for Filipinos

Having been home to the oldest civilizations in the world, the Middle East is rich with history preserved throughout the centuries through the Arabic culture. However, more astounding is the fact that relics of the monuments of this glorious past have withered time and politics and are now living testaments to the grandeur of the region.

It is truly unfortunate that most of us who have been raised in the western frame of mind have conveniently forgotten the significance of the Arabic legacy. To be generous about it, let us just say that the region has been known for the turbulence of its recent history thus distracting positive outlook about it.

For Filipino expatriates who have crowded the region in the last couple of decades, it has always been a refreshing brush on their history as they discover things with which they can also lay claim to. For whatever is said and done, there existed an unbreakable bond between the Middle East and the Philippines.

Filipino expatriates are fond of tourism activities owing to their adventurous spirits. When there is an opportunity to travel, a Filipino is surely not to pass on the chance. The ancient city of Deriyah in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and the fascinating views of the Dead Sea in Jordan, for example are among the most frequented locations in the region.

Deriyah has been the seat of power of the rulers of the old Riyadh when Saudi Arabia has not been united as a Kingdom. It is a source of pride for Saudis for the whole complex has been preserved and progressive reconstruction is being undertaken by the government to ensure that the future generation will be able to appreciate their grand past.

The Dead Sea in Jordan, on the other hand, has always been a tourist destination not only for its religious and historical appeal but for a lot of other reasons as well. What is very clear is the fact that it earns for Jordan a significant place in world tourism.

This falls is one of the attractions in Jordan.

If you think the Middle East is nothing but a vast expanse of deserts, then, you are up to some wonderful surprises. For one, have we forgotten our Asian history in our secondary schools? The region is the cradle of the world's earliest civilizations.