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Filipino Pride Shines Again

After a long period of disarray, the premier organization of Filipino expatriates in Bahrain, Filipino Club, finally raises the banner of Filipino pride. The last year of this century saw the organization stood back on its feet with a formidable list of activities that benefitted the Filipino community in Bahrain.

The Filipino Club in Bahrain is not a run-of-the-mill organization. It has a rich history of performance and achievements. Filipino Club of Bahrain: working for the upliftment of the Filipino expatriate in Bahrain.Only when the ugly head of politics reared itself that the group suffered setbacks that led to its unfortunate paralysis. However, like the resiliency of the bamboo, the Filipino Club finally regained its proud tradition and has came back with so much zest.

When the current officers were inducted into office early this year, a comprehensive program of actions was drawn to put the organization back on track. In order to fulfill its responsibilities to the Filipino community in Bahrain, the club must first address problems plaguing its backyard. Thus came "Countdown '99", a no-nonsense campaign to reverse the liabilities of the club.

Since the launch of FilClub's flagship project in March, they have conducted and participated in a number of activities. The organization has lived up to the challenge of the shortcoming of its predecessors. In fact, it has proven that it has come to learn from its mistakes with the organization of a Council of Elders composed of respected members of the Filipino community in Bahrain. The council was formed to provide the officers with intelligent and sober advices without having to meddle in the actual affairs of the club.

Certainly, we look forward to the success of the Filipino Club in Bahrain. for their success will forever serve as an inspiration to other Filipinos in the Middle East.

Countdown '99: Filipino Club of Bahrain's flagship project

With only a few more days left for 1999, we are anxious to hear about our kababayans in Bahrain. We are optimistic that they will finally be able to leave their past behind as they face the new millenium with renewed vigor.