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Deriyah: The Old Palace

Nothing but memories

9912010This used to be a busy street. This is the street that leads one to both the western and eastern palaces. It is a crossroad. Up until today, the street is, literally and figuratively, still a crossroads. It symbolizes the spirit of survival of the Saudi people and their effort to preserve their culture amidst the onslaught of modernity.

Filipinos at Computer Horizons: Nomel, Teddy, Larry and Chito

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Gateway to the public baths

9912011Suspended in time, Old Deriyah offers the visitors some breath-taking glimpses on the Saudi past. Although the ruins of Deriyah may pale in comparison to the pyramids of Egypt, it consoling to note that Old Deriyah was once a bustling community not an ostentatious and whimsical style of burying the dead.

Where earth kisses the skies

9912012Spectacular products of Middle Eastern architecture are well defined in the ruins of Deriyah. A consistent theme are towering facades that literally kiss the skies. Consider too the cold breeze that sweeps through the complex, you will be convinced that you have seen where earth and heaven meet.


Teddy is the youngest among the Silicon Boys and it is also his first time to work abroad. Although a Network Engineer, you will be surprised to discover that Teddy is a very simple person. Meet Teddy and meet real Filipinos at MEPinoy.