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Kodakang Pinoy. Ngiti Naman Diyan!

Iba talaga ang Pinoy. Ang hilig sa pictures. Di nga ba't maraming magkakaibigan ang nagkakagalit dahil lamang sa mga pictures. O kaya ay mga kasayahang nadidiskaril dahil nagkainitan nang magsimula na ang kodakan. Siyempre pa, isolated naman ang mga iyan dahil sa kabuuhan, masaya ang mga kodakan nating mga Pinoy. Kahit saan talaga mapunta ang Pinoy, kailangang may souvenir, maski pa sa Middle East. Ano pa ang hinihintay ninyo, kodakan na!

From the website of Bonette Valdez, http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Forum/7836

Pictures indeed paint thousands of words. Filipinos in the Middle East have taken pictures of practically all of their moods. These pictures will forever provide us with glimpses of their lives changed by the tough Middle East environment.

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Masarap pasyalan

There is practically no tourism in Saudi Arabia. In fact, even expatriates can not freely move about the Kingdom without securing travel permits from their sponsors. The rule is that you are not suppose to leave the city or area from which you are issued your Iqama, Saudi's work permit for expatriates. Do not despair though for the Middle East is rich in culture and history and it is not remote that you will find an interesting place to visit wherever you are in the region.

In Riyadh, for example, it is not difficult to find a place of historical significance. However, the most magnificent perhaps is Old Deriyah, the old seat of power of the ruling Saud family located in a sprawling complex a few miles south of central Riyadh.

Once the lushest valley in Deriyah.

Old Deriyah has withstood the onsalught of history and time but the complex constructed mostly on mud may yet give in to rains.